New words and visuals


Is blue your favourite colour?

Silence I suppose it is not deep enough 

Shallow breaths when you sleep 

What are you dreaming of

Your tears they belong to the sea my love 

Saline how they set 

You pour salt upon my sores

I dig wounds for you to tend to

Am I deep enough?


With you alive in my lips I want not

What a gift to begot

This is not luck

Hymns I have sung for your sake

I have fasted past starved for this day

My dream 

May I never wake

Ignorance be my excuse

For I do not wish to be your muse

I wish to be your paint

Work with me

Til our bodies are embodied

Your skin stained with mine

It will take time

But time I do not take for granted

Granted you want me as much as you are wanted

I am yours


My love for you is like a flower 

And though she fears spring’s warmth - she lets you warm her 

She shares with you her leaves 

But you want petals and petals she grows 

She is exposed

But the sun has never felt more like silk  

She wants to beautiful for you 

So this once  she begs the birds and bees to leave her be 

So she may love you in whole 

But you change like the seasons my love

You are bound to grow cold 

And how the willows they weep  

For they know she dreams of evergreen  

And wishes you with her  

But you do not know love  

For you are winter 


Tender as you are

And though my heart knows no halves

Still you condescend

With surgical precision 

Yet again you make amends